We are glad to cooperate with all participants of the wine market 😊

Vinotech companies

Are you looking for additional opportunities to promote and sell your wines? Want to increase the presence of your wine on the Internet and build into the development of modern wine applications? We offer a convenient program for integrating your assortment into the iMVINO database so that each user can find your wines using the latest technology of pattern recognition. We are waiting for your letter to the mail: cmo@imvino.com


Your customers are increasingly using mobile applications. Now your wine shelf is a convenient online storefront. Users of the application will be able to see where their favorite wines are on the map, and purchase them from you. The database of descriptions of wines will serve users a convenient reference book for visitors and help in choosing in favor of a particular wine. Recognition of labels and barcodes will allow to obtain exhaustive information about each wine, with current ratings and comments in one touch.


Your restaurant will appear on the city map with the current wine list. Users of the application will be able to indicate in the search criteria of the wine "Restaurants" and get the most interesting options to visit.

Wine journalists and bloggers

Our users like funny and informative articles about wine. We also have our own video blog http://video.imvino.com/. If you are ready to participate in the creation of materials: write articles, come up with video clips, create visual design or you have interesting ideas on the topic of content - please write to mail cmo@imvino.com .

Wine events

We offer coverage of your wine events in our information blog. Information about the events is placed on the social networks of Independent Wine Media. We are also ready to support the activities within our wine blog. We are waiting for your letters to the address: cmo@imvino.com

Organizers of the tasters

Looking for a new interested audience? In the application you can create your own tastings, make their description and add a list of wines.

If you do not find yourself in the list, write cmo@imvino.com, and we will discuss mutually beneficial forms of cooperation!